1.26.7 (February 9, 2024)

Bug fixes

Changes expected to improve the state of the world and are unlikely to have negative effects

  • buffer: Fixed a bug (https://github.com/envoyproxy/envoy/issues/28760) that the internal listener causes an undefined behavior due to the unintended release of the buffer memory.

  • http: Fixed crash when HTTP request idle and per try timeouts occurs within backoff interval.

  • http: Fixed recursion when HTTP connection is disconnected due to a high number of premature resets.

  • proxy protocol: fixed a crash when Envoy is configured for PROXY protocol on both a listener and cluster, and the listener receives a PROXY protocol header with address type LOCAL (typically used for health checks).

  • proxy_protocol: Fix crash due to uncaught exception when the operating system does not support an address type (such as IPv6) that is received in a proxy protocol header. Connections will instead be dropped/reset.

  • proxy_protocol: Fixed a bug where TLVs with non utf8 characters were inserted as protobuf values into filter metadata circumventing ext_authz checks when failure_mode_allow is set to true.

  • url matching: Fixed excessive CPU utilization when using regex URL template matcher.