Protocol options


[core.HttpProtocolOptions proto]

  "idle_timeout": "{...}"
(Duration) The idle timeout for upstream connection pool connections. The idle timeout is defined as the period in which there are no active requests. If not set, there is no idle timeout. When the idle timeout is reached the connection will be closed. Note that request based timeouts mean that HTTP/2 PINGs will not keep the connection alive.


[core.Http1ProtocolOptions proto]

  "allow_absolute_url": "{...}",
  "accept_http_10": "...",
  "default_host_for_http_10": "..."
(BoolValue) Handle HTTP requests with absolute URLs in the requests. These requests are generally sent by clients to forward/explicit proxies. This allows clients to configure envoy as their HTTP proxy. In Unix, for example, this is typically done by setting the http_proxy environment variable.
(bool) Handle incoming HTTP/1.0 and HTTP 0.9 requests. This is off by default, and not fully standards compliant. There is support for pre-HTTP/1.1 style connect logic, dechunking, and handling lack of client host iff default_host_for_http_10 is configured.
(string) A default host for HTTP/1.0 requests. This is highly suggested if accept_http_10 is true as Envoy does not otherwise support HTTP/1.0 without a Host header. This is a no-op if accept_http_10 is not true.


[core.Http2ProtocolOptions proto]

  "hpack_table_size": "{...}",
  "max_concurrent_streams": "{...}",
  "initial_stream_window_size": "{...}",
  "initial_connection_window_size": "{...}"
(UInt32Value) Maximum table size (in octets) that the encoder is permitted to use for the dynamic HPACK table. Valid values range from 0 to 4294967295 (2^32 - 1) and defaults to 4096. 0 effectively disables header compression.
(UInt32Value) Maximum concurrent streams allowed for peer on one HTTP/2 connection. Valid values range from 1 to 2147483647 (2^31 - 1) and defaults to 2147483647.
(UInt32Value) This field also acts as a soft limit on the number of bytes Envoy will buffer per-stream in the HTTP/2 codec buffers. Once the buffer reaches this pointer, watermark callbacks will fire to stop the flow of data to the codec buffers.
(UInt32Value) Similar to initial_stream_window_size, but for connection-level flow-control window. Currently, this has the same minimum/maximum/default as initial_stream_window_size.