Kill Request

The KillRequest filter can be used to crash Envoy when receiving a Kill request. By default, KillRequest filter is not built into Envoy binary. If you want to use this extension, build Envoy with --//source/extensions/filters/http/kill_request:enabled.


  • This filter should be configured with the name envoy.filters.http.kill_request.

Enable Kill Request via HTTP header

The KillRequest filter requires a kill header in the request or response. If kill_request_header is not empty in KillRequest proto, the name of the kill header must match KillRequest.kill_request_header, otherwise it must match the default kill header below:


whether the request is a Kill request. The header value must be one of (case-insensitive) [“true”, “t”, “yes”, “y”, “1”] in order for the request to be a Kill request.


If the headers appear multiple times only the first value is used.

The following is an example configuration:

name: envoy.filters.http.kill_request
    numerator: 100