Listener discovery service (LDS)

  "cluster": "...",
  "refresh_delay_ms": "..."
(required, string) The name of an upstream cluster that hosts the listener discovery service. The cluster must run a REST service that implements the LDS HTTP API. NOTE: This is the name of a statically defined cluster in the cluster manager configuration, not the full definition of a cluster as in the case of SDS and CDS.
(optional, integer) The delay, in milliseconds, between fetches to the LDS API. Envoy will add an additional random jitter to the delay that is between zero and refresh_delay_ms milliseconds. Thus the longest possible refresh delay is 2 * refresh_delay_ms. Default value is 30000ms (30 seconds).


GET /v1/listeners/(string: service_cluster)/(string: service_node)

Asks the discovery service to return all listeners for a particular service_cluster and service_node. service_cluster corresponds to the --service-cluster CLI option. service_node corresponds to the --service-node CLI option. Responses use the following JSON schema:

  "listeners": []
(Required, array) A list of listeners that will be dynamically added/modified within the listener manager. The management server is expected to respond with the complete set of listeners that Envoy should configure during each polling cycle. Envoy will reconcile this list with the listeners that are currently loaded and either add/modify/remove listeners as necessary.