Rate limit

Rate limit configuration overview.


[config.filter.http.rate_limit.v2.RateLimit proto]

  "domain": "...",
  "stage": "...",
  "request_type": "...",
  "timeout": "{...}"
(string, REQUIRED) The rate limit domain to use when calling the rate limit service.

(uint32) Specifies the rate limit configurations to be applied with the same stage number. If not set, the default stage number is 0.


The filter supports a range of 0 - 10 inclusively for stage numbers.

(string) The type of requests the filter should apply to. The supported types are internal, external or both. A request is considered internal if x-envoy-internal is set to true. If x-envoy-internal is not set or false, a request is considered external. The filter defaults to both, and it will apply to all request types.
(Duration) The timeout in milliseconds for the rate limit service RPC. If not set, this defaults to 20ms.