Common fault injection types


[config.filter.fault.v2.FaultDelay proto]

Delay specification is used to inject latency into the HTTP/gRPC/Mongo/Redis operation or delay proxying of TCP connections.

  "type": "...",
  "percent": "...",
  "fixed_delay": "{...}"
(config.filter.fault.v2.FaultDelay.FaultDelayType) Delay type to use (fixed|exponential|..). Currently, only fixed delay (step function) is supported.
(uint32) An integer between 0-100 indicating the percentage of operations/connection requests on which the delay will be injected.

(Duration) Add a fixed delay before forwarding the operation upstream. See for the JSON/YAML Duration mapping. For HTTP/Mongo/Redis, the specified delay will be injected before a new request/operation. For TCP connections, the proxying of the connection upstream will be delayed for the specified period. This is required if type is FIXED.

Precisely one of fixed_delay must be set.

Enum config.filter.fault.v2.FaultDelay.FaultDelayType

[config.filter.fault.v2.FaultDelay.FaultDelayType proto]

(DEFAULT) ⁣Fixed delay (step function).