Health check

Health check configuration overview.


[config.filter.http.health_check.v2.HealthCheck proto]

  "pass_through_mode": "{...}",
  "cache_time": "{...}",
  "cluster_min_healthy_percentages": "{...}",
  "headers": []
(BoolValue, REQUIRED) Specifies whether the filter operates in pass through mode or not.
(Duration) If operating in pass through mode, the amount of time in milliseconds that the filter should cache the upstream response.
(map<string, type.Percent>) If operating in non-pass-through mode, specifies a set of upstream cluster names and the minimum percentage of servers in each of those clusters that must be healthy or degraded in order for the filter to return a 200.
(route.HeaderMatcher) Specifies a set of health check request headers to match on. The health check filter will check a request’s headers against all the specified headers. To specify the health check endpoint, set the :path header to match on.