The Envoy build system uses Bazel. In order to ease initial building and for a quick start, we provide an Ubuntu 16 based docker container that has everything needed inside of it to build and statically link envoy, see ci/

In order to build manually, follow the instructions at bazel/


Envoy was initially developed and deployed on Ubuntu 14 LTS. It should work on any reasonably recent Linux including Ubuntu 16 LTS.

Building Envoy has the following requirements:

Please see the linked CI and Bazel documentation for more information on performing manual builds.

Pre-built binaries

On every master commit we create a set of lightweight Docker images that contain the Envoy binary. We also tag the docker images with release versions when we do official releases.

We will consider producing additional binary types depending on community interest in helping with CI, packaging, etc. Please open an issue in GitHub if desired.

Modifying Envoy

If you’re interested in modifying Envoy and testing your changes, one approach is to use Docker. This guide will walk through the process of building your own Envoy binary, and putting the binary in an Ubuntu container.