[ClusterLoadAssignment proto]

Each route from RDS will map to a single cluster or traffic split across clusters using weights expressed in the RDS WeightedCluster.

With EDS, each cluster is treated independently from a LB perspective, with LB taking place between the Localities within a cluster and at a finer granularity between the hosts within a locality. For a given cluster, the effective weight of a host is its load_balancing_weight multiplied by the load_balancing_weight of its Locality.

  "cluster_name": "...",
  "endpoints": [],
  "policy": "{...}"
(string, REQUIRED) Name of the cluster. This will be the service_name value if specified in the cluster EdsClusterConfig.
(endpoint.LocalityLbEndpoints) List of endpoints to load balance to.
(ClusterLoadAssignment.Policy) Load balancing policy settings.


[ClusterLoadAssignment.Policy proto]

Load balancing policy settings.

  "drop_overload": "..."

(double) Percentage of traffic (0-100) that should be dropped. This action allows protection of upstream hosts should they unable to recover from an outage or should they be unable to autoscale and hence overall incoming traffic volume need to be trimmed to protect them.


v2 API difference: This is known as maintenance mode in v1.