• This filter should be configured with the type URL

  • v3 API reference


The checksum filter is only included in contrib images


The checksum filter is experimental and is currently under active development.

The checksum filter matches the hashed body of a response from an upstream download path against an expected sha256 hash.

This is useful in a situation where you may want to mirror an upstream dynamically, caching the results forever but only when the content matches a known checksum.

Setting reject_unmatched to true will prevent requests with paths that are not matched by the filter from passing through.

Example configuration

Full filter configuration:

 1          http_filters:
 2          - name: envoy.filters.http.checksum
 3            typed_config:
 4              "@type":
 5              reject_unmatched: true
 6              checksums:
 7              - path_matcher:
 8                  exact: /path/to/hashed.asset
 9                sha256: 6b3a55e0261b0304143f805a24924d0c1c44524821305f31d9277843b8a10f4e
10              - path_matcher:
11                  exact: /path/to/other-hashed.asset
12                sha256: fc5b2c0f505f6054c0dc76d51cc2ee40bf458b1aafaef5c92739b0c30c0f80e3
13          - name: envoy.filters.http.router