Round Robin Load Balancing Policy (proto)

This extension has the qualified name envoy.load_balancing_policies.round_robin


This extension is intended to be robust against both untrusted downstream and upstream traffic.


This extension extends and can be used with the following extension category:

This extension must be configured with one of the following type URLs:


[extensions.load_balancing_policies.round_robin.v3.RoundRobin proto]

This configuration allows the built-in ROUND_ROBIN LB policy to be configured via the LB policy extension point. See the load balancing architecture overview for more information.

  "slow_start_config": {...},
  "locality_lb_config": {...}

(extensions.load_balancing_policies.common.v3.SlowStartConfig) Configuration for slow start mode. If this configuration is not set, slow start will not be not enabled.


(extensions.load_balancing_policies.common.v3.LocalityLbConfig) Configuration for local zone aware load balancing or locality weighted load balancing.