Maglev Load Balancing Policy (proto)

This extension has the qualified name envoy.load_balancing_policies.maglev


This extension is intended to be robust against both untrusted downstream and upstream traffic.


This extension extends and can be used with the following extension category:

This extension must be configured with one of the following type URLs:


[extensions.load_balancing_policies.maglev.v3.Maglev proto]

This configuration allows the built-in Maglev LB policy to be configured via the LB policy extension point. See the load balancing architecture overview and Maglev for more information.

  "table_size": {...},
  "consistent_hashing_lb_config": {...},
  "locality_weighted_lb_config": {...}

(UInt64Value) The table size for Maglev hashing. Maglev aims for “minimal disruption” rather than an absolute guarantee. Minimal disruption means that when the set of upstream hosts change, a connection will likely be sent to the same upstream as it was before. Increasing the table size reduces the amount of disruption. The table size must be prime number limited to 5000011. If it is not specified, the default is 65537.


(extensions.load_balancing_policies.common.v3.ConsistentHashingLbConfig) Common configuration for hashing-based load balancing policies.


(extensions.load_balancing_policies.common.v3.LocalityLbConfig.LocalityWeightedLbConfig) Enable locality weighted load balancing for maglev lb explicitly.