Extension config discovery service (ECDS) (proto)

A service that supports dynamic configuration updates for a specific filter. Currently, ECDS is supported for HTTP filters and Listener filters. Please check Extension Config Discovery Service (ECDS) API. The overall extension config discovery service works as follows:

  1. A filter (Listener or HTTP) contains a config_discovery configuration. This configuration includes a config_source, from which the filter configuration will be fetched.

  2. The client then registers for a resource using the filter name as the resource_name.

  3. The xDS server sends back the filter’s configuration.

  4. The client stores the configuration that will be used in the next instantiation of the filter chain, i.e., for the next requests. Whenever an updated filter configuration arrives, it will be taken into account in the following instantiation of the filter chain.

Note: Filters that are configured using ECDS are warmed. For more details see ExtensionConfigSource.