AsyncFileManager configuration (proto)


This API feature is currently work-in-progress. API features marked as work-in-progress are not considered stable, are not covered by the threat model, are not supported by the security team, and are subject to breaking changes. Do not use this feature without understanding each of the previous points.


[extensions.common.async_files.v3.AsyncFileManagerConfig proto]

Configuration to instantiate or select a singleton AsyncFileManager.

  "id": ...,
  "thread_pool": {...}

(string) An optional identifier for the manager. An empty string is a valid identifier for a common, default AsyncFileManager.

Reusing the same id with different configurations in the same envoy instance is an error.


(extensions.common.async_files.v3.AsyncFileManagerConfig.ThreadPool, REQUIRED) Configuration for a thread-pool based async file manager.


[extensions.common.async_files.v3.AsyncFileManagerConfig.ThreadPool proto]

  "thread_count": ...

(uint32) The number of threads to use. If unset or zero, will default to the number of concurrent threads the hardware supports. This default is subject to change if performance analysis suggests it.