Tap common data (proto)


[data.tap.v3.Body proto]

Wrapper for tapped body data. This includes HTTP request/response body, transport socket received and transmitted data, etc.

  "as_bytes": ...,
  "as_string": ...,
  "truncated": ...

(bytes) Body data as bytes. By default, tap body data will be present in this field, as the proto bytes type can contain any valid byte.

Only one of as_bytes, as_string may be set.


(string) Body data as string. This field is only used when the JSON_BODY_AS_STRING sink format type is selected. See the documentation for that option for why this is useful.

Only one of as_bytes, as_string may be set.


(bool) Specifies whether body data has been truncated to fit within the specified max_buffered_rx_bytes and max_buffered_tx_bytes settings.