1.1.0 (November 30, 2016)


  • circuit_breaking: Added max connection circuit breaking to the TCP proxy filter.

  • circuit_breaking: Upstream circuit breaker configuration can be overridden via runtime.

  • config: Switch from Jannson to RapidJSON for our JSON library (allowing for a configuration schema in 1.2.0).

  • deps: Upgrade recommended version of various other libraries.

  • dns: Configurable DNS refresh rate for DNS service discovery types.

  • dyanmodb: DynamoDB filter per shard statistics (pre-release AWS feature).

  • envoy: Lots of other small fixes and enhancements not listed.

  • fault_injection: Initial release of the fault injection HTTP filter.

  • http2: HTTP/2 graceful connection draining (double GOAWAY).

  • matching: Generic header matching routing rule.

  • mongo: Support Mongo 3.2 in the Mongo sniffing filter.

  • options: Added CLI options for setting the logging file flush interval as well as the drain/shutdown time during hot restart.

  • performance: A very large number of performance enhancements for core HTTP/TCP proxy flows as well as a few new configuration flags to allow disabling expensive features if they are not needed (specifically request ID generation and dynamic response code stats).

  • rate_limit: HTTP rate limit filter enhancements (note that the configuration for HTTP rate limiting is going to be overhauled in 1.2.0).

  • retry: Added refused-stream retry policy.

  • routing: Zone aware routing support.

  • routing: Multiple priority queues for upstream clusters (configurable on a per route basis, with separate connection pools, circuit breakers, etc.).