Route discovery service (RDS)

The route discovery service (RDS) API is an optional API that Envoy will call to dynamically fetch route configurations. A route configuration includes both HTTP header modifications, virtual hosts, and the individual route entries contained within each virtual host. Each HTTP connection manager filter can independently fetch its own route configuration via the API.


RDS has a statistics tree rooted at http.<stat_prefix>.rds.<route_config_name>.. Any : character in the route_config_name name gets replaced with _ in the stats tree. The stats tree contains the following statistics:

Name Type Description
config_reload Counter Total API fetches that resulted in a config reload due to a different config
update_attempt Counter Total API fetches attempted
update_success Counter Total API fetches completed successfully
update_failure Counter Total API fetches that failed because of network errors
update_rejected Counter Total API fetches that failed because of schema/validation errors
version Gauge Hash of the contents from the last successful API fetch