Every listener has a statistics tree rooted at listener.<address>. with the following statistics:

Name Type Description
downstream_cx_total Counter Total connections
downstream_cx_destroy Counter Total destroyed connections
downstream_cx_active Gauge Total active connections
downstream_cx_length_ms Histogram Connection length milliseconds
no_filter_chain_match Counter Total connections that didn’t match any filter chain
ssl.connection_error Counter Total TLS connection errors not including failed certificate verifications
ssl.handshake Counter Total successful TLS connection handshakes
ssl.session_reused Counter Total successful TLS session resumptions
ssl.no_certificate Counter Total successul TLS connections with no client certificate
ssl.fail_verify_no_cert Counter Total TLS connections that failed because of missing client certificate
ssl.fail_verify_error Counter Total TLS connections that failed CA verification
ssl.fail_verify_san Counter Total TLS connections that failed SAN verification
ssl.fail_verify_cert_hash Counter Total TLS connections that failed certificate pinning verification
ssl.cipher.<cipher> Counter Total TLS connections that used <cipher>

Listener manager

The listener manager has a statistics tree rooted at listener_manager. with the following statistics. Any : character in the stats name is replaced with _.

Name Type Description
listener_added Counter Total listeners added (either via static config or LDS)
listener_modified Counter Total listeners modified (via LDS)
listener_removed Counter Total listeners removed (via LDS)
listener_create_success Counter Total listener objects successfully added to workers
listener_create_failure Counter Total failed listener object additions to workers
total_listeners_warming Gauge Number of currently warming listeners
total_listeners_active Gauge Number of currently active listeners
total_listeners_draining Gauge Number of currently draining listeners