Ring hash load balancer configurationΒΆ

Ring hash load balancing settings are used when the lb_type is set to ring_hash in the cluster manager.

  "minimum_ring_size": "...",
  "use_std_hash": "..."
(optional, integer) Minimum hash ring size, i.e. total virtual nodes. A larger size will provide better request distribution since each host in the cluster will have more virtual nodes. Defaults to 1024. In the case that total number of hosts is greater than the minimum, each host will be allocated a single virtual node.
(optional, boolean) Defaults to true, meaning that std::hash is used to hash hosts onto the ketama ring. std::hash can vary by platform. For this reason, Envoy will eventually use xxHash by default. This field exists for migration purposes and will eventually be deprecated. Set it to false to use xxHash now.