xds/core/v3/resource_name.proto (proto)


This API feature is currently work-in-progress. API features marked as work-in-progress are not considered stable, are not covered by the threat model, are not supported by the security team, and are subject to breaking changes. Do not use this feature without understanding each of the previous points.


[.xds.core.v3.ResourceName proto]

xDS resource name. This has a canonical xdstp:// URI representation:


where context_params take the form of URI query parameters.

A xDS resource name fully identifies a network resource for transport purposes. xDS resource names in this form appear only in discovery request/response messages used with the xDS transport.

  "id": ...,
  "authority": ...,
  "resource_type": ...,
  "context": {...}

(string) Opaque identifier for the resource. Any ‘/’ will not be escaped during URI encoding and will form part of the URI path.


(string) Logical authority for resource (not necessarily transport network address). Authorities are opaque in the xDS API, data-plane load balancers will map them to concrete network transports such as an xDS management server.


(string, REQUIRED) Fully qualified resource type (as in type URL without types.googleapis.com/ prefix).


(.xds.core.v3.ContextParams) Additional parameters that can be used to select resource variants.