Formatter extension for printing request without query string (proto)

This extension has the qualified name envoy.formatter.req_without_query


This extension is functional but has not had substantial production burn time, use only with this caveat.

This extension is intended to be robust against both untrusted downstream and upstream traffic.


This extension extends and can be used with the following extension category:

This extension must be configured with one of the following type URLs:

ReqWithoutQuery formatter extension implements REQ_WITHOUT_QUERY command operator that works the same way as REQ except that it will remove the query string. It is used to avoid logging any sensitive information into the access log. See here for more information on access log configuration.


An HTTP request header where X is the main HTTP header, Y is the alternative one, and Z is an optional parameter denoting string truncation up to Z characters long. The value is taken from the HTTP request header named X first and if it’s not set, then request header Y is used. If none of the headers are present ‘-’ symbol will be in the log.


[extensions.formatter.req_without_query.v3.ReqWithoutQuery proto]

Configuration for the request without query formatter.