This documentation is for the Envoy v3 API.

As of Envoy v1.18 the v2 API has been removed and is no longer supported.

If you are upgrading from v2 API config you may wish to view the v2 API documentation:


[admin.v3.MutexStats proto]

Proto representation of the statistics collected upon absl::Mutex contention, if Envoy is run under --enable-mutex-tracing. For more information, see the absl::Mutex [docs](

NB: The wait cycles below are measured by absl::base_internal::CycleClock, and may not correspond to core clock frequency. For more information, see the CycleClock [docs](

  "num_contentions": "...",
  "current_wait_cycles": "...",
  "lifetime_wait_cycles": "..."

(uint64) The number of individual mutex contentions which have occurred since startup.


(uint64) The length of the current contention wait cycle.


(uint64) The lifetime total of all contention wait cycles.