Well Known Client Features

Authoritative list of features that an xDS client may support. An xDS client supplies the list of features it supports in the client_features field. Client features use reverse DNS naming scheme, for example com.acme.feature.

Currently Defined Client Features

  • envoy.config.require-any-fields-contain-struct: This feature indicates that xDS client requires that the configuration entries of type google.protobuf.Any contain messages of type xds.type.v3.TypedStruct (or, for historical reasons, udpa.type.v1.TypedStruct) only.

  • envoy.lb.does_not_support_overprovisioning: This feature indicates that the client does not support overprovisioning for priority failover and locality weighting as configured by the overprovisioning_factor field. If graceful failover functionality is required, it must be supplied by the management server.

  • envoy.lrs.supports_send_all_clusters: This feature indicates that the client supports the envoy_api_field_service.load_stats.v2.LoadStatsResponse.send_all_clusters field in the LRS response.

  • xds.config.supports-resource-ttl: This feature indicates that xDS client supports per-resource or per SotW TTL.

  • xds.config.resource-in-sotw: This feature indicates that the xDS client is able to unwrap Resource wrappers within the SotW DiscoveryResponse.