Schema Validator check tool

The schema validator tool validates that the passed in JSON conforms to a schema in the configuration. To validate the entire config, please refer to the config load check tool. Currently, only route config schema validation is supported.


The tool expects two inputs:

  1. The schema type to check the passed in JSON against. The supported type is:
  1. The path to the JSON.
If the JSON conforms to the schema, the tool will exit with status EXIT_SUCCESS. If the JSON does not conform to the schema, an error message is outputted detailing what doesn’t conform to the schema. The tool will exit with status EXIT_FAILURE.

The tool can be built locally using Bazel.

bazel build //test/tools/schema_validator:schema_validator_tool

The tool takes a path as described above.

bazel-bin/test/tools/schema_validator/schema_validator_tool  --schema-type SCHEMA_TYPE  --json-path PATH