Redis proxy


Every configured Redis proxy filter has statistics rooted at redis.<stat_prefix>. with the following statistics:

Name Type Description
downstream_cx_active Gauge Total active connections
downstream_cx_protocol_error Counter Total protocol errors
downstream_cx_rx_bytes_buffered Gauge Total received bytes currently buffered
downstream_cx_rx_bytes_total Counter Total bytes received
downstream_cx_total Counter Total connections
downstream_cx_tx_bytes_buffered Gauge Total sent bytes currently buffered
downstream_cx_tx_bytes_total Counter Total bytes sent
downstream_cx_drain_close Counter Number of connections closed due to draining
downstream_rq_active Gauge Total active requests
downstream_rq_total Counter Total requests

Splitter statistics

The Redis filter will gather statistics for the command splitter in the redis.<stat_prefix>.splitter. with the following statistics:

Name Type Description
invalid_request Counter Number of requests with an incorrect number of arguments
unsupported_command Counter Number of commands issued which are not recognized by the command splitter

Per command statistics

The Redis filter will gather statistics for commands in the redis.<stat_prefix>.command.<command>. namespace. By default latency stats are in milliseconds and can be changed to microseconds by setting the configuration parameter latency_in_micros to true.

Name Type Description
total Counter Number of commands
success Counter Number of commands that were successful
error Counter Number of commands that returned a partial or complete error response
latency Histogram Command execution time in milliseconds


The Redis proxy filter supports the following runtime settings:

% of connections that will be drain closed if the server is draining and would otherwise attempt a drain close. Defaults to 100.